Postdoc position

We currently have a postdoc position for light microscopy-based connectomics project (funded by an AMED Brain/MINDS project). We seek candidates with a strong background in molecular biology, light microscopy, and image analysis, and a strong passion in neuroscience. We have so far developed SeeDB (Nature Neuro 2013), SeeDB2 (Cell Rep 2016), and Tetbow (eLife 2017) to study fine details of neuronal circuit architecture in 3D. We are currently trying to develop next-generation circuit mapping tools based on fluorescence imaging. Using these tools, we are studying developmental changes of cortical circuit architectures at synaptic levels, which has been difficult to access with conventional electron or light microscopy techniques. 

Fukuoka is a 1.5M population city with a lot of excitement and nice foods, but living cost is quite cheap. Also accessible by airplanes (domestic and international) and Shinkansen bullet trains.

If you are interested in working in our lab, please send your CV, essay (describing your past research and future plans in ~3 pages), and reference information by email.