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  • SeeDB Resources SeeDB, SeeDB2 and related information are summarized, including protocols, technical tips, and movies.

Japanese version is here.

SeeDB YouTube: [YouTube(1)] [YouTube(2)] [YouTube(3)]

SeeDB2 YouTube:  [YouTube(1)] [YouTube(2)][YouTube(3)]

SeeDB and SeeDB2 are commercialzied from FUJIFILM Wako Pure Chemical: SeeDB Kit and SeeDB2 Kit. 

Neuronal morphology data obtained with cleared brain tissues are deposited to NeuroMorph.Org. You can find our data through Browse > By Archive > Imai. Here is the website (Ke et al., 2013; Ke et al., 2016; Murai et al., 2016).

SSBD (raw microscopy data)

Microscopy data from our lab are deposited to Systems Science of Biological Dynamics (SSBD) database. They are free to see, download, and re-use for research purposes.

Ke et al., Nature Neuroscience (2013)

Ke et al.,  Cell Reports (2016)

Iwata et al., Neuron (2017)

Sakaguchi et al., eLife (2018)

Addgene (plasmids)

Takeshi Imai Lab Plasmids

GitHub (source code)

Tetbow codes from Sakaguchi et al., eLife (2018)



SeeDB, SeeDB2, Tetbow, …

Single-cell microarray (Imai et al., 2009)

Single-cell cDNA library (Imai et al., 2006)

Single cell cDNA library (simple version)

Two-color in situ hybridization (Imai et al., 2006; Imai et al., 2009)

Other protocols



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